How You Can Help

You may simply use the paypal donation button to send a donation. If you'd like to mail a donation, please send it to:

Homeless Animal Rescue Team (H.A.R.T.)
208 Lenox Avenue West, #156
Westfield, NJ   07090

You may ask where your money goes from the donations you give. Here are just a few examples:

Donation Amount What can it buy
$1.00 2 cans of food
$5.00 1 bag of clay cat litter
$5.00 1 small bag of dry cat food
$7.00 1 case of canned wet food
$10.00 1 big bag of clay litter
$15.00 1 big bag of cat food
$20.00 1 box of scoopable cat litter, or Yesterday news
(for kittens/cats that have been spayed or neutered)
$25.00 1 bag of premium cat food (Science Diet, Max Cat)
$30.00 1 test for FeLV/FIV
$35.00 1 case of special needs wet or dry cat food (Prescription Diet)
$40.00 1 Neutering at a low cost clinic
$50.00 1 Spaying at a low cost clinic
$100.00 A kittens first visit to the vet which includes check up, 1st distemper shot, fecal testing worming, & testing for FeLV & FIV

We also are part of If you like to buy on line please go to your favorite store participating with from our link. All you have to do is log on to the igive website, go to the mall and buy from your favorite website! You can buy all sorts of things from gifts to pet food. There are links to Land's End, Travel arrangements, Dell Computers, The Home Depot and much much more! At the same time you are saving money on your purchases you can be helping us by clicking through using our link. It's a win-win situation. Every penny counts!!

WISHLIST - Things We Need

We can use almost anything, but the following items would be particularly appreciated:
  • ♥ litter (any type)
  • ♥ cat food (dry & canned)
  • ♥ coupons for cat food
  • ♥ pet carriers/crates/cages
  • ♥ litter scoopers
  • ♥ office supplies
  • ♥ medical supplies
  • ♥ printing services
  • ♥ phone cards


Please check our Share-A-Pet plan. You can help by fostering one of our special needs cats. (Share-A-Pet plan will be on our website soon, in the mean time you can email if you are interested). The way it works is, you can join by choosing a program to donate anywhere from $2.00 a month to $50.00 a month. You will get up to date information, progress reports, and pictures 4 times a year of your shared pet. These cats are cats that are on special diets, cats that need rehabilitation and socialization, FeLV, FIV positive (immune diseases), cancer, cats that we foster out in different homes.

We are reorganizing our group and are planning on many new and exciting things for the future. If you have any suggestions or would like to help please email us at:

Coming Soon: H.A.R.T. will have an Ebay website that you can help by purchasing some of our new and old items.

H.A.R.T. Contact Info

Homeless Animal Rescue Team
208 Lenox Avenue West, #156
Westfield, NJ   07090
this is a mailing address ONLY

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